Black Doctor Jr. – A Switch Behind The Poster (Let’s Push It!) [Single]

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 11.14.45 AM


a3818724226_2Black Doctor Jr’s spry new anthem is not so much a reinvention of the band’s signature post punk emotional hardcore as much as it is a refinement. For those who are wondering, the title of “Switch” is a reference to the original Pokemon game series for Gameboy. What is the relationship between the title and the song? Well, that’s for the audience to guess.

The song evokes the transitional period at the end of 90s as they were for many of us. A lot of us found ourselves moved by the accelerating technological innovations of the era into lonely detachment. Instead of burying this history in piles of irony and plaid, BDjr embraces its influences, in its intricate guitar interplay, driving rhythm section, and overall anthemic feel. Rather than take the outre path of least resistance, as many post-punk forays do, “Switch” is accessible in its specific appeal. This a credit to Robert Gill’s songwriting prowess and Arcody Ruin’s penchant for off-kilter but tasty guitar arrangements. This is music from the outer boroughs, a product of latch key kids raised on video games and exclusion from the mainstream. “The higher ups are calling shots in the dark/ mentality that stops you from going far,” and yet, “it doesn’t matter what you do all the time, direct your focus keeping everything tight,” a reminder that everything mainstream was once alternative. This is a stunning release by BDjr and has us all chomping at the bit for their upcoming debut full length.
-Emilio Herce

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