Sons Of An Illustrious Father- Very Few Dancers/ Strange Home

the deli

Unless you’ve been paying close attention to the output of Brooklyn’s DIY recording studio Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen, you’d be forgiven for sleeping on Sons of an Illustrious Father. The band, made up of multi-instrumentalists Josh Aubin, Lilah Larson, Ezra Miller, has been all but dormant, at least recording wise, since 2011’s “One Body,” and have only recently begun releasing a string of new singles. The latest two, “Very Few Dancers” and “Strange Home,” are raucous and soul-shaking, with influences as disparate as folk, psychedelic rock, and contemporary hip-hop. “Very Few Dancers” is built upon Miller’s percussive lilt, accompanied by Larson’s singular guitar licks and backing vocals. “Strange Home,” while subdued in comparison, has an underlying intensity to it, both restless and hopeful, which builds and blissfully boils over. All told, you couldn’t ask for a better introduction to Sons of an Illustrious Father, so consider this your wake up call.

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