Ishmael- Lotic

the deli


It may surprise you to learn that Brooklyn’s Ishmael operates as a trio, considering the kinetic charge of their latest LP “Lotic.” There’s Andy Werle’s sinewy guitar parts, the insistent and shapeshifting drumming of Aaron Silberstein, and the leading melodies of Nick Otte, bassist and vocalist, tying it all together. Each member is an avalanche onto himself, but they do a great job not burying one another. And while “Lotic” is ostensibly a prog album, the band never looses a sense of subtlety. The songs are split into different instrumental sections, interludes of angular movement, but the transitions within the songs are never jarring. Instead they melt into each other. The result is a tastefully arranged foray into the genre, both its light and darker sides.



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