altopalo- Chagrinning [Single]

the deli


atlopalo’s latest single “Chagrinning” (streaming) clocks in at just under six minutes, but all told it contains more arcs and bends than many contemporary records. It has the lyricism and production of a contemporary hip-hop track, without shying away from dexterous instrumentation. The single undulates synesthetically, the focus shifting from whispered vocals, to a sparse and airy piano interlude, and finally engages in a raucous instrumental section of clashing drums and 8-bit inspired guitar acrobatics. Just as you think the song is fading out, all parts previously considered hit you in unison, like a misjudged wall. You’d think this outlandish arrangement would shake any sense of proprietary markings, but the piece remains thematically consistent throughout and presents a band with a sublime and singular voice. 

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