The Pluto Moons- E​$​pooky Ep

the deli

The Pluto Moons play with magic. It’s your garden-variety, bass-based, synth and sample, four-on-the-floor sort of magic, but magic no less. Their latest, the E$pooky EP, is something of an evolution from their debut, Mannequin Legs, but retains the playful instinct that’s a staple to most of their music. “$pooky,” the first song on the album, begins with a whisper and a bang, Jachary’s undulating bass refrain quickly vaporized by the rest of the of the band’s entrance. It comes back to haunt you later in the song, bigger and more insistent than before, like most of the Moon’s catalogue. The Pluto Moon’s will be playing Bowery Electric on 2/5with a Mellencamp. -Emilio Herce (@emilioherce)


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