Leapling- Vacant Page

While many bands attempt to take on an entire sonic spectrum, Leaping’s latest, Vacant Page, zeros in on a narrower landscape, and in no way is that a limitation. By focusing on a certain mood, fixating on a rhythm, Leapling uncovers hypnotic hooks in the most unexpected places. From a delicately orchestrated minimalism of “Going Nowhere” to the dark and lush psychedelia of “Silent Stone”, the songs carry an energy that approaches meditative. This isn’t to say that the album is at all listless. Leapling’s songs leverage a budding energy into elated and kinetic peaks. There’s an underlying timbre on most of them, lapping at song’s shore, defying any expected swell, but overtaking the song, adding a complex wash to the song’s skeleton. This ultimately makes for an incredibly complete and focused album, powerfully dynamic but also deeply contemplative. Leapling will play a release show tonight at Shea Stadium, with Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Palm, Cantina, and Felicia Douglass. – Emilio Herce

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