The Fallout

I am so saddened by the return of history. History has never left, of course, but the racist, nativist, and misogynistic parts of our society have always been in retreat, it’s supporters, a dying breed. Overnight, swastikas appeared in South Philly. A cross burned in Kentucky this weekend. With the election of Donald Trump, the far-right and fascist sectors… Continue reading The Fallout


​If ever Wes Anderson produces a film about space exploration (and I wouldn’t put it past him) I hope LEPT does the entire score. Their music, like this hypothetical movie, is whimsical in a measured way. Its playful affectations melt away to reveal something far more substantial, suggesting that a lot of thought and effort… Continue reading LEPT- LEPT EP

Invisible Familiars (Interview)

As creation stories go, Jared Samuel – chief songsmith of NYC band Invisible Familiars – has one, just like the rest of us. It begins in suburban New York State, and crystallizes in Brooklyn, where he doubles these days as both session-man and bandleader. “A couple years ago,” Samuel remembers, “when I first started to… Continue reading Invisible Familiars (Interview)

The Pluto Moons- E​$​pooky Ep

The Pluto Moons play with magic. It’s your garden-variety, bass-based, synth and sample, four-on-the-floor sort of magic, but magic no less. Their latest, the E$pooky EP, is something of an evolution from their debut, Mannequin Legs, but retains the playful instinct that’s a staple to most of their music. “$pooky,” the first song on the… Continue reading The Pluto Moons- E​$​pooky Ep

Zs- XE

Brooklyn experimental trio Zs has always been defying expectations, and their latest release, the mesmeric Xe (pronounced Zee), is no different. The record features some of Zs’s most accessible work, yet remains as challenging and captivating as any of their previous releases.  “Corps,” the third track on the album, begins with the hypnotic plucking of… Continue reading Zs- XE

Salt Cathedral (Interview)

The songs off Salt Cathedral’s latest, Oom Velt, are richly dense and often futuristic affairs. The instrumentation on the EP is vast in the way of electron clouds. Made up of many swirling but intertwined parts, the music creates something seemingly impenetrable, a gorgeous and shimmering base layer, which on closer inspection reveals an astonishing openness… Continue reading Salt Cathedral (Interview)

Tiny Hazard (Interview)

Tiny Hazard isn’t content to remind themselves of the better angels of our nature. At times delightfully angular, steeped in melody, they occasionally detour into dissonance, mining the darker parts of the human psyche too. The juxtaposition is a credit to Alena Spanger, who leads the band as singer, keyboardist and head songwriter. The Deli sat… Continue reading Tiny Hazard (Interview)

Archie Pelago (Interview)

Archie Pelago is the musical equivalent of a cyborg. Part programmed music, part live instrumentation, the trio is made up of three classically trained musicians, Hirshi (trumpet/DJ), Cosmo D (cello/Ableton) and Kroba (sax/Ableton). The music they create strikes a fine balance between the energy and precision of a DJ set and the dynamism and proficiency… Continue reading Archie Pelago (Interview)