Sons Of An Illustrious Father- Very Few Dancers/ Strange Home

Unless you’ve been paying close attention to the output of Brooklyn’s DIY recording studio Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen, you’d be forgiven for sleeping on Sons of an Illustrious Father. The band, made up of multi-instrumentalists Josh Aubin, Lilah Larson, Ezra Miller, has been all but dormant, at least recording wise, since 2011’s “One Body,” and… Continue reading Sons Of An Illustrious Father- Very Few Dancers/ Strange Home

The Jean Jackets- Freeze Out

‘Freeze Out,’ The Jean Jackets‘ latest and third LP, will surprise you. Still present are the layered harmonies of previous releases, as well as the band’s fascination with smart lyrical and rhythmic arrangement, but where the band’s previous work could be pretty well triangulated in terms of influences, ‘Freeze Out’ is a more eclectic blend. Despite… Continue reading The Jean Jackets- Freeze Out

Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen- Section 5

  Mama Coco Funky Kitchen’s compilations have always served as a state of the union of sorts for the artists that call this utopian Brooklyn recording studio, record label and musician’s collective home. Section V finds the good ship MCFK in fine form, if undocked and traversing unfamiliar waters. The release marks a point of… Continue reading Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen- Section 5

Hugh Trimble – Danglin’ [Single]

Like the man himself, Hugh Trimble’s newest single, “Danglin” shines with unbridled enthusiasm and bright-eyed, intelligent earnestness. Trimble is, first and foremost, a storyteller. Whether on stage cradling his guitar, or at his usual post, holding court at Muchmore’s, he has a penchant of speaking in your ear, as if only to you. And you… Continue reading Hugh Trimble – Danglin’ [Single]

Black Doctor Jr. – A Switch Behind The Poster (Let’s Push It!) [Single]

BLACK DOCTOR JR. – A SWITCH BEHIND THE POSTER?(LET’S PUSH IT!) Black Doctor Jr’s spry new anthem is not so much a reinvention of the band’s signature post punk emotional hardcore as much as it is a refinement. For those who are wondering, the title of “Switch” is a reference to the original Pokemon game… Continue reading Black Doctor Jr. – A Switch Behind The Poster (Let’s Push It!) [Single]

The Tye Trybe- Word Is Born

It’s a phenomenon I’m all too familiar with: the influence of raucous, blues-addled guitar rock on musicians raised in areas of the New York mostly bereft of such music. The Tye Trybe, a power trio formed by two brothers from the Bronx, Joseph and Jonathan Hernandez on lead guitar/vocals and drums respectively, and Desi Joseph… Continue reading The Tye Trybe- Word Is Born