Archie Pelago (Interview)

Archie Pelago is the musical equivalent of a cyborg. Part programmed music, part live instrumentation, the trio is made up of three classically trained musicians, Hirshi (trumpet/DJ), Cosmo D (cello/Ableton) and Kroba (sax/Ableton). The music they create strikes a fine balance between the energy and precision of a DJ set and the dynamism and proficiency… Continue reading Archie Pelago (Interview)

The Brooklyn What- Minor Problems

The first two songs on The Brooklyn What’s latest EP, Minor Problems, clock in at a little over two minutes each, but combined they carry the full force of the bands deeply imbedded “punk” DNA. And though this is The Brooklyn What’s starting point, the band has brought something fresh to this now almost staid genre.… Continue reading The Brooklyn What- Minor Problems